Every product we offer is made in different fabrics and colors.

We believe that colors are important and give you a happy vibe.

Because making people smile is what we love to do !

We would like to present you "BABS & BULLE". 
A new brand of different colorful and unique fabric products that will color your life ! 

But who are BABS & BULLE? As daughter and mother they share the same passion for hockey.

similarly bulle and her mother were two life-long hockey enthusiasts and BABS inherited the hockey spark for over three generations.

But BABS' interest reached much further than playing hockey as a Belgian Red Panther. 

she also inherited her father's passion for fabrics and textiles, a passion that runs in the family for largely four generations.

In 1923 great-grandfather Nelen founded their first textile factory on Belgian soil.

Since 2003, Babs’ father created his own textile editor “Diabolo” for decoration and upholstery fabrics. This generation-long experience just gives that little more flavor to this brand new concept produced in the family business. 

Babs and Bulle uses Diabolo’s fabrics to design a series of new products in endlessly different colors - pillows, handbags, laptop cases, toiletry bags, laundry bags, backpacks, pouffes, beach bags -  that can easily bring more delight in your life. Choose your own model, fabric and color of any of their products, and receive a customized unique piece. If you can dream it, they can make it.

BABS & BULLE,  We love to color you life!  - made in Europe -